Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving week coming up!

What are you thankful for? Besides really cool beads. ;-) (which you can click on to buy in my Etsy shop)
Recently I read an article about a woman who wrote prayers , just simple ones, on scraps of paper, and put them in a box. After they were in the box, she let her worries and concerns be taken care of by a higher power. A beautiful story.
Another time I read of someone who wrote one special thing each day and put it in a box. She kept those notes' and each year. After a while she had a calendar of special events and happenings that she had written to remember great days. It may have been she planted flowers, or saw a friend or walked in the sunshine. She noticed the small pleasures in everyday life and looked for one every day.
A special things this week, I am thankful for.

My kids are all coming to visit! So it will be a great Thanksgiving. I bought the turkey today and it's thawing (yah right..) in the refrigerator. Now to get that guest room into tip top shape.
If I don't talk to you until next Saturday, have a great holiday and love your family. Give them hugs!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Next Blog

Do you ever try 'next blog' when looking at a blog? Most days lately, I have clicked on 'next blog' for three new blogs to look at. many times I leave a comment and wonder if the blogger wonders "who in the world left that comment? "

It's very interesting to read blogs I've never seen before
tonight's new blogs consisted of: a yummy pumpkin dip with ginger snap. I think it would be great for the Bunco group. a wreath made from a paperback book. Maybe something to do at school. quilting and nice pictures.

try clicking on 'next blog' and tell me if you find anything interesting!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Sale! is over thank you!

Yes indeedie, I am another year older. And today is the end of daylight savings. WOO HOO! my body clock is so thankful. The family teases me and says that it's my favorite holiday. :-)

so since I am now 57! (wow I remember being 3 or 4 years old and being way cuter--but I digress)
everything in my Etsy shop TODAY NOVEMBER 7th, 2010 is buy one get one 57% off. The purchase that is 57% off will be the one of lesser value.

You can wait till I'm 100 and it will be buy one get one 100% off LOL.

Help me celebrate! buy your beads, don't pay until you convo me for a new price. If I don't answer right away, I'm going out for Italian later on.