Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving week coming up!

What are you thankful for? Besides really cool beads. ;-) (which you can click on to buy in my Etsy shop)
Recently I read an article about a woman who wrote prayers , just simple ones, on scraps of paper, and put them in a box. After they were in the box, she let her worries and concerns be taken care of by a higher power. A beautiful story.
Another time I read of someone who wrote one special thing each day and put it in a box. She kept those notes' and each year. After a while she had a calendar of special events and happenings that she had written to remember great days. It may have been she planted flowers, or saw a friend or walked in the sunshine. She noticed the small pleasures in everyday life and looked for one every day.
A special things this week, I am thankful for.

My kids are all coming to visit! So it will be a great Thanksgiving. I bought the turkey today and it's thawing (yah right..) in the refrigerator. Now to get that guest room into tip top shape.
If I don't talk to you until next Saturday, have a great holiday and love your family. Give them hugs!

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Lauren said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! Have a great time with your kids!