Sunday, March 6, 2011

Made in America

Today I will start a new blog series. Made in America. If we all would buy an American Made Product at least weekly, making an effort to buy American, we will move our economy forward. The show I watched by Diane Sawyer on TV showed many US made products are the same price or cheaper. That was eye opening to me since I thought US made products are more expensive. Diane Sawyer and her team emptied a home of all it's foreign made products. All that was left in the living room was a candle. The kitchen, the kitchen sink the only 'appliance' left. The home was refurnished with US made products. It was beautiful and cost effective. Except for the kitchen appliances, and they suggested buying 'half made' in the USA products for cost savings, rather than the high end appliances they had to buy. At the end of this news clip, I was wishing it was 'my' home they refurnished!
So today's comment from me is 'ask' if something is made in the USA. You can watch this clip here. clip.
And since it's Sunday, I am today featuring some of my own beads, made in the USA. But the next post, something else. :-)
check out Etsy also. I try to buy items there to support US artists. Many Etsy sellers augment their family income with their sales, and many make their living from their on line sales. It's a good place to start.

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