Saturday, April 30, 2011

wire and lampwork

Hmmm I have been messing around a bit with steel wire. Makes me think of some urban-punk-ish kind of thing. Steel wire in jewelry. For this girl who grew up in farm country, I think of barbed wire, but this is much easier on the skin! With the price of silver, it is an alternative worthy of exploration. It's also a fun way to use my 'orphan' lampwork beads. I can't decide though, if they are something to put in my booth at the art show coming up. what do you think?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Southern Fried Chicken

Today we were out and about, and went to the farmer's market for some plants.
Then decided hmmm... let's go to Price's Chicken Coop! It's not real easy to drive over there after work if we ever want fried chicken take out because the traffic leaving Charlotte is formidable around dinner time. But easy on a lazy Saturday afternoon. So we stopped by. This place was mentioned in Gourmet magazine as .

Avisit to Price’s Chicken Coop is the fried-chicken-eating experience of a lifetime. Once inside the door of the little South End storefront, two thirds of which is dedicated to cooking and the rest to ordering, the first decision you need to make is which line to stand in. At peak mealtimes there are six or seven of them leading to a counter with three cash registers, each of which is flanked by white-uniformed, hairnet-wearing servers.

And they are right. :-) Today there were 5 registers going and a line at each register. You get in and out fast enough, but have enough time to soak up that 'old South' kind of ambiance.
We're lucky enough that this is close, and probably lucky it is far enough away to not be easily accessible! Our arteries most likely thank us for that.

In my refrigerator right now, are a few pieces of that tasty stuff along with some fresh local strawberries for a bit of shortcake later tonight.

and now.... off for a long walk with the husband which I think we need!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This spring, a fashion we're seeing quite a bit here in North Carolina is a certain type of espadrille.

A very popular item is a line of espadrille's by one company that has a rather expensive product. $49 for a pair of these canvas shoes.

I have always loved espadrilles and am so happy to see them back on people's feet. :-)
If you like them and want the 'real thing' handmade in Spain, you can buy these shoes for about $25. I just bought a pair from here. The sizing may be a tad 'off' In European sizes their comparisons are a number larger. I ordered the regular European size that I wear and they fit great.

So maybe you'd like to support the 'real' shoe artists and pay directly to their company rather than for a 'label' and 'name' of a popular shoe for twice as much (made in China)

and in the meantime... you could make a wonderfully colorful piece of jewelry using some bright salsa colored discs from my Etsy shop. (yah!)