Saturday, April 9, 2011

This spring, a fashion we're seeing quite a bit here in North Carolina is a certain type of espadrille.

A very popular item is a line of espadrille's by one company that has a rather expensive product. $49 for a pair of these canvas shoes.

I have always loved espadrilles and am so happy to see them back on people's feet. :-)
If you like them and want the 'real thing' handmade in Spain, you can buy these shoes for about $25. I just bought a pair from here. The sizing may be a tad 'off' In European sizes their comparisons are a number larger. I ordered the regular European size that I wear and they fit great.

So maybe you'd like to support the 'real' shoe artists and pay directly to their company rather than for a 'label' and 'name' of a popular shoe for twice as much (made in China)

and in the meantime... you could make a wonderfully colorful piece of jewelry using some bright salsa colored discs from my Etsy shop. (yah!)

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