Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color ideas

You may know that color is important in my designs. I am very drawn to bright color combinations. One person in my booth at an art show last weekend said 'You must be happy, because your jewelry looks happy!'
And yes, I'm usually a happy person. Why not? It's a choice to be happy or not happy since we have plenty of life to draw upon, and some days could certainly influence my 'happy' because of everyday difficult moments, but I try to focus on the good stuff.
Anyway..... here is an example of how I find my color combinations. Clothing and home catalogs reflect what colors are in fashion, and we want our jewelry to match that, yes?
This catalog came several weeks ago and has sat next to my lampworking area ever since, to remind me of colors to use. I matched my rods of glass to this catalog and sat down to torch. The bead pictured is one that resulted.
So, if you like to work with color, make a folder or notebook and keep pictures of combinations you like. Then have fun and while you're at it, be happy. :-)
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