Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This morning, I read my friend Mallory's blog posting about her awesome dog Pixie. Pixie hurt her foot and had to have some work done on it at the Vet's office. Poor Pixie. :-( She's a cool dog and we all love reading about what Pixie is up to.
So after they fixed up Pixie's foot, since it was raining, they told Mallory to protect the dressing with Press 'n Seal.

It made me think of how great this stuff is. I use it when transporting beads and jewelry to art shows. See the hamburgers on the press n seal box? Picture them as beads. yah. I use about a 18 inch piece of press n seal, line up beads on half of it, roll the other half over and press. then roll up the sheet and put it in bins in my jewelry case. They arrive safely snug in their wrapping.

You can also line up necklaces and press but you need to carefully separate the press 'n seal since it's so strong. Good Stuff! Especially if you are flying with a case full of jewelry. No worries when putting that bag up in the carry on bin, or worse yet, having them tell you they need to stow that bag since it won't fit in carry on.

Thanks for the reminder Mallory. I sure hope Pixie is feeling better!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Retiring from teaching

Yes indeed. This is what I've been up to. I am ending my career of teaching. It's been good. It's been difficult. It's been a super job with the benefit of having time with my family as the kids grew up. It's time to move on. 35 years in a classroom. Whew!

I'll be doing 'something' else in addition to really being able to focus on glass and metals. Some part time job that could be fun in other ways. Maybe work in a flower shop, or a sporting goods store. A hardware could be fun! Something like that.

But for a few months, I am going to BASK in the glow of not setting my alarm clock for 6 a.m. , dressing in my teacher clothes, correcting papers and dealing with kids who just haven't learned how to respect others.

I will miss, the light that goes off over a child's head when they 'get it'. The kids who show talent in Art as they learn the basics. The kids with fun stories, the ones who do love and respect, the love and hugs, smiles and fun. But that's ok. I can think of it as I sleep in. :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cuttlebone Casting

I'm thinking about this. A friend has been doing some cuttlebone casting. Wouldn't this make some good components? So I have bought the largest pieces of cuttlebone I can find, and then downloaded a free tutorial here.

I have scrap silver and think this would be fun. I have also read that it really smells when you pour the molten silver, so it's a good idea to do this outside or in a very well ventilated space.
If this turns out, I'll post some pictures. Have you tried it?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eye love it!

This is boring if you aren't interesting in my struggle with lasik. But in celebration of better vision, these EYE beads are 20% off in my Etsy shop. Just send me a note on Etsy and tell me 'Good Eyes!' for the discount.

now you don't have to read this! Unless you want to.

Sooooo, yesterday I had a re-do/enhancement of my lasik which was done in December. Both of my eyes responded to custom wave front lasik with 15% less correction than was supposed to happen. I have mono-vision, so it doesn't really matter with the 'up close' eye. I can see well up close which was a real concern in getting this done. optivisors are a must when doing close up work, but I had to change them from a 2.5 strength to a 1.0 so that's pretty cool. I was so near sighted that everything up close was extremely crisp and I lost a bit of that. Like working with little teeny beads is still fine but better with magnification. But distance... I was beyond frustrated. This was out of pocket paying for eye surgery, and my vision was still -1 to -1.25 20/40 or worse. I couldn't see to drive without glasses, and really needed them for pretty much anything. I refused to get contact lenses since, I didn't do this so I could have a new prescription! I got glasses.. paid for those. Had to take them off to see up close, and put them on to see far away. Lost the first pair out for a walk and had to get glasses again! not what I expected either since isn't lasik supposed to help you save on prescription eye wear? I was so frustrated to think I had expected better than this, paid many dollars for it, wanted to do it for ages, and this was 'IT' ?? ugh.... I was told the day after surgery that I may need an enhancement. and all along knew yes indeed this would have to be done.
They made me wait 6 months for an enhancement. Again a surprise, since in the brochure and anything I read said 3 months. Frustrating. Very.
So FINALLY I got to get the check up for the enhancement and they told me I had to have PRK rather than having a simpler, 'lift the flap and laser' procedure.. which I'm telling you... it's easy.
sigh.... another 'surprise' this is just more and more frustrating. notice I'm not telling you where I had this done, but it is reputable with a well regarded surgeon.
I was pretty unhappy about that! but I 'would' like to see. So ok.. I am expecting 'significant pain' (stated on sheet from the lasik center) and 'light sensitivity' d#*n it!
I had it done yesterday morning and it was way past easy ... I mean EASY to have done. This is what the armed forces use and I can see why. simple to do. simple. But.... ahem, if you look up how it's done, (I won't mention it here because it's not for the squeamish even if it doesn't hurt a bit when being done) I know why it 'should' hurt.
yesterday... not a bit of pain. did the 'sleep all afternoon' thing. got up. made myself go to bed early.
Today I don't feel anything either! nothing!
maybe it's the massive amounts of vitamin B and C I've been taking.
My vision is supposed to be bad for a week, then improve slowly for weeks. I am not to expect anything for 6 weeks.
But today... I CAN SEE BETTER! woo hoo!!!
according to written information from the lasik center, it will get worse before it's better, so I'll enjoy this today and hope for super good healing (say a prayer for me ok?)

No torch work for a while. I wasn't told that but figure I'll wait a bit. I'll probably do some metals. But I have plenty of beads to post so keep an eye out (hee heee)