Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This morning, I read my friend Mallory's blog posting about her awesome dog Pixie. Pixie hurt her foot and had to have some work done on it at the Vet's office. Poor Pixie. :-( She's a cool dog and we all love reading about what Pixie is up to.
So after they fixed up Pixie's foot, since it was raining, they told Mallory to protect the dressing with Press 'n Seal.

It made me think of how great this stuff is. I use it when transporting beads and jewelry to art shows. See the hamburgers on the press n seal box? Picture them as beads. yah. I use about a 18 inch piece of press n seal, line up beads on half of it, roll the other half over and press. then roll up the sheet and put it in bins in my jewelry case. They arrive safely snug in their wrapping.

You can also line up necklaces and press but you need to carefully separate the press 'n seal since it's so strong. Good Stuff! Especially if you are flying with a case full of jewelry. No worries when putting that bag up in the carry on bin, or worse yet, having them tell you they need to stow that bag since it won't fit in carry on.

Thanks for the reminder Mallory. I sure hope Pixie is feeling better!!


Lara Lutrick said...

What a wonderful idea!

susanlambert said...

My sister told me about it a long time ago. She would pack her silver chains using it, lining them up, press, roll.