Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to beadin'

I'm back from Beadfest in Philadelphia. It was a great time. I stayed with friends Joy Cichewicz and Kathleen Robinson Young -- fellow beadmakers, for one night and then onward to Susan Feeley's for the remainder of the time. Susan also makes lampwork beads and some fabulous jewelry. She helped me teach the classes and was great. I will put pictures up soon but need to unpack the camera!
and now the first days of school. The first time since I was in kindergarten, starting as a 4 year old, (almost 5) that I haven't gone to school in the fall. My husband is still teaching Math, and I am grateful to be able to stay home and play with glass. And unpack, and uhhh a bunch of other things that have been put off. There is a list which includes all those things I haven't gotten to because of travel and work. Like paint the bench outside. That kind of stuff.
There are still a few boxes in the car, the suitcase almost unpacked and treasures from the vendors to play with. But I am, for sure, finding time to torch. Here's a set of simple beads from yesterday. There are some focals coming up to. But those will go into jewelry at first for a couple shows coming up.
Maybe you will all see a few more postings now that I am not doing yearbook (YAY!!!!) and interim reports and report cards!! (Yay again!!))

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