Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hooray! Home again!

Wow I could be at a loss for words on how busy last month was, but hey, have you known me to be quiet? ever? haha
My husband and I were very lucky to see our kids, our parents, our friends, this past month in a whirlwind kind of vacation.
Since we got out of school, we've been to too many states (including the state of confusion!) and haven't had much down time.
Now we're home. we're unpacking, and I'm trying to get myself together!
Laundry abounds since our clothing has a bit of campfire smell :-). There are still a few things in the car to unpack, but luckily some bins we brought in are now empty.
How do you unpack? My husband brings everything in and puts it in one spot. I bring it in bit by bit and put it away. Packing and unpacking isn't something I enjoy. And usually something important is forgotten. Like the time I went to Chicago in December and didn't pack any socks! oops! Or the time I went to Detroit in the winter and realized as my husband drove away from the airport (without his cell phone) that my winter coat was in the front seat of his car. That was interesting since it was about zero degrees when we landed. A sweatshirt purchased at the airport, was handy and I put on my gloves, and ran as fast as possible to the car rental place.
Anyhoo.... we're back! Stay tuned for a few pictures and hopefully... soon.... some new beads etc.

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