Sunday, August 7, 2011

Interesting day in Mt Holly

This has been quite a week.

I remember asking my Grandmother years ago about what she did when she got home from vacation, and she told me it took her about a week to get her energy back. Well, that seemed strange to a young woman in her 20's but now I 'get it' .
My husband and I talked about that this morning how we just now are feeling 'normal' again after that whirlwind tour through Michigan, etc. in the month of July. I think my car has 3000 miles on it!

So this week we've unpacked, washed absolutely everything and now have some yard work to do. Check out the picture! This is within a mile of our house. In about 2 hours 5.5 inches of rain fell on our little town. It's hilly and the water ran down a block of hill, through parking lots to the lowest spot. This block of buildings is across the street from a large berm that a railroad track is on. The berm acted like a levy, held the water, and the people pictured here were trapped in a building. Water blocked the back door and the front door. The rescuers broke a window and pulled the people out to safety. Rumor has it there was 5 feet of water in the building. The buildings next to it also were flooded. There was all kinds of water in Charlotte too, with major streets shut down.

Our own little yard had rivers running through, down the hill and into a small drainage/creek, which became a river. Now the koi pond still looks muddy after 2 days of running two filters, but it is improving, and we can see the fish again. Some mulch needs to be replaced, since it washed away, and we need to bring in a bit of soil where our grass was just starting to seed in and grow. (hubby put weed killer on the grass and killed the weeds, which left lots of spots to reseed)
Feeling like Noah that day, watching the rain and marveling at the power of water.... it gave us a day we stayed in and really just watched a few movies, baked a loaf of bread, and ignored the laundry. We should all have that kind of a day and sometimes the weather just insists that we do!

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