Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great finds!

I'm excited to be featured in Great Finds made for me by Oaklie.
You can view it here
and I hope you'll stop by her site and vote for my bead. She has a great collection of autumn colors. You can vote every day! It ends next Saturday.

Yesterday I went to Lincolnton, which is not far from me in NC. They had their annual Applefest. They had all kinds of apple stuff, cider and apples. It sure felt like autumn since the temperatures had dropped. People were in jeans and jackets which was so different than our 85 degree temperatures earlier last week! The picture is one I lifted off their website, as it wasn't t-shirt weather. But see the background of the picture? Isn't that a beautiful building? It's not a large town at all but they have a beautiful square in the town with that building which is, I think, the town hall. It has streets that go around it in a square. This is the apple guy who was there though! Time for applesauce! or apple cake. or crisp.

I set up my booth and sold some jewelry. It's always fun to meet fellow artists and people out enjoying the festival. The guy next to me had pottery he made from clay dug up on his property. So I bought a small bowl to add to my collection. Who can resist?

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