Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bead Crochet

Isn't this pretty? It's bead crochet. It's a pile of bead crochet ropes by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin. Her work is so admirable, plus she writes instructions and patterns for bead crochet.
This particular pattern is called Urban Stripes and you can purchase the pattern here.

I have tried and tried and tried to bead crochet ever since I saw a fellow lampworker wearing a fabulous focal bead on a bead crocheted rope made of matte gray/silver beads. Just beautiful. So, being quite an avid fiber arts person, having knit and crocheted since childhood, this should have been a snap. But everytime I tried it, the threads covered the beads. Cruising the internet the other night, I saw Judith's new tutorial and was inspired again to try the technique. Ok. I read. I looked at my books. I watched YouTube tutorials. OHhhhhhh......
I was basically working inside out. Makes sense! The threads are hidden in the tube.
You can see my paltry little sample. But it's correct! Woo Hoo!
Now I'm wondering if I can tackle the Urban Stripes. If you click on Judith's name above, you can go to her blog and see some wonderful samples!

gotta dig out the seed beads. next step matte gray/silver!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Nice go at it Susan - you'll love doing it.

susanlambert said...

I want a rope like Rebecca's sister's. :-) thanks for trying to teach me!!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Susan, this blog post is the MOST helpful I have ever found and the one I point my students to: