Friday, October 28, 2011

Felted slippers

The weather is cooling down.

It seems each autumn my thoughts go to knitting.

Since moving to North Carolina, our need for mittens has reduced to pretty much nothing. Once in a while we wear mittens, but mostly I wear hand warmers when it's chilly. What a difference from when I'd wear gloves inside mittens and still have cold stiff fingers just from coming in from the parking lot at work.

The floors are chilly here though and I love my felted slippers. See the ones on the right? I'm not much for the sheep on the side of that slipper, but it's the only example of what I have that I could find on line. Mine don't have sheep on them. (can you imagine 'me' wearing 'sheep' on my slippers???? .... NOT!) It's a crochet pattern and when you crochet the slipper in 100% wool, it is HUGE. Then you put it in hot water in the washer and as it agitates, the wool felts. You have to watch it for size and shape it , then air dry it. I stuffed papers in them to shape them. Those slippers are cozy and comfy and don't feel like ridges are on the bottom as some knitted, crocheted slippers do. I made them when we lived in Michigan so they are at least 5 years old.

So, on the left is a knitted felted clog. I have one almost knitted. It just seemed like something neat to make although my slippers are still good so they may be a gift. The pattern has been in with other patterns I have purchased and looked like fun to try. It's an unusual pattern, and according to the web site for fiber trends, very popular. If you can read a pattern, they aren't real difficult, although I wouldn't suggest it as your first knitting project.
One slipper is almost knitted, and the next will be started this Sunday at a friend's house. She sets up a little knitting group and feeds us snacks and wine. :-) It's a nice time to visit with friends !

If you click on the pictures, they link to the sites with the patterns. Just in case you want a pair of toasty slippers that are comfy and last for ages. Just think of all the gifts you could knit or crochet up for the holidays!


Sharon Driscoll said...

If I comment do I get a pair of warm woolies for Christmas? You know my toes are cold - - -

susanlambert said...

LOL! I need to keep on it!