Saturday, October 1, 2011

Signature Tablecloth

Isn't this neat? My Mom has a tablecloth like this, but this isn't hers. It's just a picture I lifted . off the internet. Years ago, my Mom bought a white tablecloth and whenever we had a family gathering, she would also 'gather' signatures. I thought, ... eh..... it was cute, but whatever.

Well. She brought that tablecloth to the 50th anniversary party we had for she and my father. Wow. what a treasure. Each signature embroidered. My kids when they could barely write, relatives who we loved and now have passed away. It's bright , it's beautiful, and full of memories. I'm thinking about picking up a white tablecloth of my own. We have a family gathering coming up, and it will be fun to do some 'gathering' of my own.


Sharon Driscoll said...

Love It Susan! It's great tradition and I wish I'd of thought of it for Kate's wedding. What a keepsake. We had a friend who used a kind of a picnic table for a dining table. They kept a wood carvers set in the drawer and when anyone came over they'd carve their names in the table. It was incredible.

susanlambert said...

My Mom's tablecloth is a real treasure. My kids could hardly write. LOL. She had most of the signatures of the guests at her 50th anniversary, but a few more were added. Isn't a signature an amazing little window into someone?

Gymfly said...

I have a tablecloth like this that I purchased on Ebay a few years ago. The dates of the signatures range from 1944 thru 1953. I was lucky to find a frame large enough to have it streched and it now hangs on the wall of my loft.I have no idea who cerated it or who the signatures belong to but it is one of my mod=st prized possessions. It never fails to start conversations.