Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas without Snow

Before we moved to North Carolina from Northern Michigan, we did a bit of research on line. Wikipedia was a great help with all kinds of information on population and weather, transportation, location, you name it. It was a big help in deciding where to live.
Then after we found jobs, we looked at the city itself. At the time, we looked at the town we were going to work in. There were pictures of events and one of those was the annual Christmas parade. "Look at that!" I exclaimed. "The people are wearing sweatshirts!!" It was hard to imagine a Christmas parade that wasn't so cold you needed electric socks. (yes there really are electric socks and they work great)

It seems that almost every town around us has a Christmas parade. It's so charming. It seems more people are in the parade than the people watching it. There is every princess of any event possible riding in an open convertible and waving. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Dancers, Church groups, Bagpipes, Bands, Shriners in mini cars, Monster trucks, some Floats, and all the Local Politicians. Throw in a few fire engines with sirens going, and some police cars, and you have a two hour taste of The South.

It may not snow here, but Christmas in the South is a special flavor. My husband says it doesn't seem like Christmas without snow, and I say what makes up for the snow is all the lights and decorations people put out.

Nearby, we have a town called McAdenville. (check out the link!) The entire town is lit for the month. Everyone there has Christmas lights. Everyone. I have heard they don't pay their electric bills for the month as the city (??) pays for it. Cars line up all the way out to the highway to drive through. We avoided it for a few years thinking the traffic was too much. Then we 'toughed it out' one year. It's awesome. Not only is the city totally lit to the point you keep saying 'wow!' But the people in the traffic driving through are celebrating. There are open wagons, trucks with their truck beds full of people, people walking, cars with people out the sun roofs, all calling out "Merry Christmas!"
Very very awesome. Well worth driving in traffic, and you want to drive slow anyway since it's such a memorable evening.

So we gave up snow but we have found some wonderful ways to enjoy the holiday season... and wearing sweatshirts while we're at it.

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Right Turn ArtWerks said...

The parade looks like great fun. We don't have snow yet - but any day now we expect to be hit. They have it in Midland already.