Monday, November 21, 2011

Masked dots in lampwork

These are so much fun to make. You start with the base bead. In this case, I started with gray glass. Then you dot in a pattern.I started with a light turquoise. You melt that in. Then you overlap the existing dots with a new color (in this case the pinkish coral) and melt that in. Then you can add the light turquoise again. Then onward... The result is a pattern that is created by being covered by another color. I think the best example of a new pattern is the bead that is the second from the right. You can go on and on in covering the dots alternating two colors. The best bead artist to do this, in my opinion is Brad Pearson. Click on his name to see some incredible examples of masking. The first time I saw this technique was when I met Brad at a glass 'gathering' . I have one of his early beads made in blue and white, and it's a treasure, displayed with other treasures. Brad's marbles are beautiful examples of masking also.
This is a good bead to make when you want to get to that 'zen' kind of place in melting glass. You can go to infinity and beyond......................