Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reduce- Reuse -Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, always have been in use in my parent's house. Probably it was a carry over from being 'depression babies'. But as a child, I was taught to figure out how to make do with what you had. There were so many uses for left over 'things' and we also used 'things' until they totally wore out and couldn't be fixed. Our trash barrel rarely had much in it. The food scraps went to the compost or to the chickens. The papers were burned in the fireplace to start the fire. Scrap wood was bought at the lumber yard to burn for heat. The tin cans went to the dump, but most of our canned food was 'canned' in glass jars from our garden. The jars, of course, we used year after year.. The bottles from soda or beer were returned to the store for that 2 cent deposit. If we could find two bottles to take back, it was enough money for a popsicle. We rode our bikes and walked, covered our school books in brown paper to preserve the covers so they could be resold, and used both sides of our notebook paper. We cut the buttons off clothing that was worn out, so the buttons could be used again. The clothing became cleaning rags. (and we did wear out clothes due to being a large family, hand me downs were a fact of life)
When I grew up, as an adult, it was and is hard to believe what people throw away. Now not throwing things away can also be a bad thing because saving 'stuff' isn't good either since storage is expensive. Think of how much you pay for a shelf!
But you can take what you don't use to Goodwill or charity of some type. Resell your books on Amazon. Take your recycle-able items to the recycle center if you don't have recycling in your city.
Sometimes clever things can be made with old items. I am especially in love with felting wool sweaters and look for them when I take a trip to the Goodwill. And something interesting is that you can take some wool sweaters if they have a seam that is not a cut weave and unravel them, wash the yarn, and reuse it.
It would be so good for our environment if everyone tried to do their part. Think of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Pictured is a pendant I make using coca cola bottle necks. The remainder of the bottle goes to recycling. It's a fun way to reuse something and remind myself when wearing it to at least try to remember my shopping bags when I go to the grocery!
What do you do? It's great to hear ideas and practices that will help us live in a clean and healthy world.


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Do more!and more, and more.

Anonymous said...

The way people learn and enjoy and retain knowledge is with a tactile object. So many people are visual that when they remember a favorite story or a favorite moment, they can actually picture that page, that picture, the feel of the paper, the font— it's a piece of art. Books are a piece of art and they're never going away. They're always going to be amazing gifts and amazing friends. They are so great to share and reuse.

Patrice of Shepherd Creations said...

That's great, Susan! Very cool pendant, worthwhile post about what we should still be doing. ;)