Friday, January 20, 2012

A Gift

Don't you love surprises?

Here's my little surprise this week. A cold! Isn't that cute picture? I love the colors!

How can this be the second cold in a month, you say? My husband works at the school and brings surprises home. ;-)

Sometimes it's chocolate. yah! (not from school unless he bought some over priced box of turtles from a fund raiser, which are usually, surprisingly good) The frozen cookie dough I can do without. (two are in the freezer now. Maybe I should bake some for Bunco--hmmmm good idea)

Sometimes it's other surprises. He caught a cold no doubt from one of the gazillion middle school kids he works with. And... passed it on. It's part of the blessings of marriage. sharing! LOL

He's a sweetie. Really truly he is. And I've brought home a few viruses (virii??) myself when teaching. This is inspiring enough to send me to the torch. Which it did. We'll see how the beads turn out.

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