Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life is Good

The t-shirts that say 'life is good' always make me smile. They have stick figures, which are always fun, and the stick figures do some pretty fun things too.
If I could make a 'life is good' shirt for dogs, it would be something like this picture. Sparky, our 5 month old rat terrier puppy, discovered an open door. In that closet is a box of milkbones. Yah! He was pawing at the box, so how could I resist letting him take one (or two)
Here he is, in his favorite spot under the dining room table, (it must feel like a den) by his favorite toy, the rubber chicken, chomping on the first milk bone, with one in reserve.
Instead of 'life is good' should I have written 'it's a dog's life'???? :-)


Sharon Driscoll said...

Go Sparky! He is so darn cute...make the lampwork bone for his collar.

susanlambert said...

awww something to try!