Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Clean Your Silver

Did I ever tell you how to clean silver? This is a snap! Being close to running out of our favorite laundry detergent, I picked some up in the grocery. The new pods for laundry look great. In my opinion, they will be real helpful since we (ahem... my husband) won't use too much laundry soap in each load. These are pre-measured. In trying them out, they are working great and smell wonderful. But then, I thought it's a good idea to take the rest of the powder we have and put it in a storage jar. Why? Because Tide is great for cleaning silver, and before art shows, there are times I use it for getting some nice bright silver pieces back to their shiny state.
I've seen this done with boiling water and baking soda also, but this technique is super easy. Take a plastic container or a glass pan and line it with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Add some Tide. (maybe 1/4 c liquid or powder) Pour hot water over it and dissolve the soap. Then you just put your silver into it. In moments the tarnish is gone. Weird huh? I rinse the silver and wipe it with a soft cloth (or it will feel sticky) and the laundry soap itself... it can be thrown in with a batch of jeans. No yuck in the soapy water. It's on the foil.
Voila! Make yourself a pin that says 'GENIUS' !!
I have also tested this by leaving a chain maille bracelet in the pocket of my jeans and washing them in Tide. hahaha it worked..............but maybe that's not the best technique.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I learned the Easter Bunny wasn't real

Well, Maybe it was already evident there really wasn't an Easter Bunny, but due to my fondness for spiced jelly beans,even at age 4, I wasn't telling. LOL But one day my Mother and Grandmother wanted to go to a local greenhouse for a visit with the Easter Bunny. There was a long line, and that greenhouse 'smell' The damp floral kind of mossy smell. We waited in line and I got to go up and see the Easter Bunny. Somewhere in this world possibly a picture like this exists with me on the lap of a bunny who looked exactly like this. Isn't that the strangest thing to recognize the costume? Unless he really was real............... If so, I wonder why when he moved his arm, a watch became visible next to where that paw (glove) stopped and the sweater started.
"Mom! He's not real. He has a watch on!"
"Yes, Susie, he has to get his baskets done on time" translates as.... Yes, Susie, adults can lie when necessary. LOL!! (My parents still call me Susie, and I love it)
The neat thing was he also gave me a rose. A single rose that went into a pretty vase. Could that be when I discovered how beautiful a cut rose is? That was a decent trade.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Fun Bead Day

Today was a fun day. A friend, Carla, had an extra ticket to the Intergalactic Bead show which is in Charlotte this weekend. There was a good mix of vendors, and a nice crowd today. The weather was beautiful, so I'm glad we went in the morning. We were there several hours and found stones and cast jewelry components, and beads. Lots of nice people were selling their work and it was fun to visit with them if they weren't swamped with customers. The tables with stones, especially, had a many customers.
I found some colorful little beads that will look super with discs in jewelry. You know how I love to make lampwork discs!
And this disc? I finally took some pictures and posted on Etsy. My laptop has been in the shop so I used my husband's new desktop computer. Ok. I like it a whole lot better! The display is nicer with color and it was easier to use my Adobe program. Poor guy... now he'll have to share!