Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I learned the Easter Bunny wasn't real

Well, Maybe it was already evident there really wasn't an Easter Bunny, but due to my fondness for spiced jelly beans,even at age 4, I wasn't telling. LOL But one day my Mother and Grandmother wanted to go to a local greenhouse for a visit with the Easter Bunny. There was a long line, and that greenhouse 'smell' The damp floral kind of mossy smell. We waited in line and I got to go up and see the Easter Bunny. Somewhere in this world possibly a picture like this exists with me on the lap of a bunny who looked exactly like this. Isn't that the strangest thing to recognize the costume? Unless he really was real............... If so, I wonder why when he moved his arm, a watch became visible next to where that paw (glove) stopped and the sweater started.
"Mom! He's not real. He has a watch on!"
"Yes, Susie, he has to get his baskets done on time" translates as.... Yes, Susie, adults can lie when necessary. LOL!! (My parents still call me Susie, and I love it)
The neat thing was he also gave me a rose. A single rose that went into a pretty vase. Could that be when I discovered how beautiful a cut rose is? That was a decent trade.

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