Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank a Teacher. Please!

It is so strange, to not be working in a school in May, anticipating the year's end. This year is the best May EVER. (except for May 1982 when our son was born)   It's not that I didn't love teaching, but May always dragged on for ages, and I always called it the month from hell. It was always so hard to keep the kids on task at school, and I wanted to teach until the last minute.That's what they pay me for, right?  The students, on the other hand, wanted to be done with the school year, and if there was misbehavior  in their mind, they would go for it. Stir in nice weather and more extra programs and activities than will fit on your calendar.  Then add in testing. report cards, class celebrations, inventory, budgets,  ACK!! Oh right... and yearbook!  which was the ultimate in stress.  The students have their own stress.  Testing, doing those end of year programs in every activity they are involved in, and their stress showed also. If a kid might misbehave, May is the month that is best for the picking.  It's weird to see if there might be pushing or hitting or arguing, it can escalate more quickly in May, leading to suspensions.
Most of the end of year jobs had to be done when there were no students in the room, of course, so May was a lot of stress, long nights, not enough sleep, and trying very very hard not to be cranky. I remember one very hot Friday afternoon, sitting in a storage room sorting out 400 yearbooks, after everyone had left for the weekend.  (ok...  I had a little pity party that time and cried as I sorted them, and was more organized the next year.. and  the tears were, of course, just from all kinds of stress. )
 Let's add here, that my husband also teaches, and living with a stressed out spouse is a challenge also when you are stressed yourself.  WHEW  how many times did I say STRESS in this!??
I had my first nightmare about being in a classroom... about a week ago, and it was 'May in the classroom' 
This year, I have a garden, and go for walks, and work in my studio, and enjoy my part time job, and think my husband is a sweetheart, admiring how he can get through this last month of school. I always wondered what life was like without teaching and can say, May certainly is better!!  I went to school every year since I was 4,  so this is a new kind of world.  :-)
If you have kids in school, please please remember to thank their special teachers. It means so very much, and makes it all worth it.  Believe me. You just can't imagine how much it means to someone.  And even better, a little treat.  maybe a flower from your garden, a certificate for a cup of coffee, a snack and a soda, a thank you note (I kept them all).  They do so much for their classes and a thank you means the world to them.
If you aren't a teacher, enjoy this beautiful month.  If you do teach, stay with it my friends, the kids need people like  you.   XXXOOO   from me, and a big THANK YOU!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Artsplosure Raleigh

Next weekend I am lucky to participate in Raleigh's Artsplosure which is a marvelous Arts Festival.  Great music all weekend, and great art work.
So my head has been down over the work table in the studio working, working!   If you are around Raleigh stop and see me.  I'm in booth 147. My usual spot, not far from Rum Runner's  (which my husband thinks is so convenient!)
Maybe I'll see you there!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SpringFest on Saturday!

What have I been up to?   Getting ready for a show or two.  This coming Saturday, I will have my torch set up as a demo at Sweet Peas Unique Boutique here in Mount Holly.  I'll have my jewelry there too.   Maybe you can stop by!  It's SpringFest in Mount Holly Saturday, so  there is also an annual  5k .

You could run or walk in it!