Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back from the Bead and Button Show

It was a great time in Milwaukee! The Bead and Button show is every year in June. Always that last weekend between school getting out and the teacher work week.  Being unable to take the last week of school with students off when I was teaching made  this show one I was not attending.  One year I was lucky enough to have a schedule that allowed it.  Now.. as a retired teacher, I can go.  Woo Hoo!   Off I went early this week to Milwaukee and took a class in pewter casting.  That was great.  really great.  The instructor did a super job and with my background in lost wax casting, this appears to be do-able in my own studio.  I saw some good friends, enjoyed time with them, and then trained to Chicago (Amtrak!)   to see my daughter and her husband, and my son and his wife.  What great times.  We walked all  over the place and had a bunch of fun, and baked cookies too! 
Back to Milwaukee on Friday to shop the show.  The colored metals above are from 'Metal Me This'  and I just can't wait to make some jewelry with the pieces.  I also was able to buy a nifty new kit from the Glass Onion Bead store.  You just HAVE to see it.  In my next post!
It's nice to be home filled with new plans.  In the meantime, I opened my Etsy shop back up.  Anyone need beads?


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