Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recycled Tins into Beads

Now isn't this cute?   I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Austin of the Glass Onion Bead Company.  Her husband taught this wonderful pewter casting class, and Debbie was there to help.  She had taught the night before, this type of recycled bead.   I couldn't resist pawing through all her tin and materials and beads. Here's the link to their shop.

Old tins fascinate me.  Maybe it's the colors and patterns and metal.  (haha probably!)
After many different experiments, Debbie has a very nice technique for using these tins for making beads.
I bought a kit and materials for making these beads, with some other ideas in mind.  But in the meantime, also bought a cute 'Candy Land' necklace for my daughter since it was such a favorite game from her childhood.  Go figure.  Candy Land is such an easy game, but I also loved it as a kid.  Is it the candy?

You might like to purchase a bead or a kit from Debbie.  She is one of the nicest people, as is her husband.  I would love to live near their bead store so I could shop there and visit with them upon occasion.

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debbie said...

Hey Susan, I saw this nice post you made about me and Dave! Thanks so much. I am new to this blog stuff and just in the beginning stages of starting one. You obviously have this down. Your site looks great. Thanks again for the kind words!