Monday, August 6, 2012

Finding Your Artistic Voice

Where have I been?   Just too busy to think of blogging.  We've been on a few trips this summer and so enjoyed them. The Outer Banks for our Anniversary, and then later, to New Hampshire camping with family. I'm ready to stay home for a while!
In the meantime, I'm working up new jewelry for fall Art Shows, and enjoying that.
A friend and I had a little discussion about what direction our work takes.  It was good to think about.  Do you ever do that?  Just sit and think, what 'is' my style, what do I like to make the most?  I love color.  So I am trying to follow that path for a while. The brighter the better.  Looking through magazines is great inspiration. Don't look at the pictures, just look at the colors.  Pretend it's blurry.  Squint your eyes.  What color and design and balance are being used?   You could use this technique for design ideas too.  Shapes and how they interact are well done oftentimes in publications.
It's been a lot of fun following these ideas and I have plans for other ideas using combinations that please me.
I just have to add  a picture of Sparky the Wonder Dog Rat Terrier (and me)  on our vacation to the Outer Banks.  He loved running along the shore and digging in the sand.   I did too.  ;-)

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