Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2013 Lampwork Beads and Tutorial

July 2013
I’ve been working on some silver pieces to add to my Etsy shop that has finished jewelry.  That is coming within the week. Hopefully!   In the meantime, there are some new pieces in my Etsy bead shop.
These smaller (one inch) lentil shapes to use for nifty pendants.  They look great for summer jewelry.  They can be silver wired or brass, or copper, to hang on a chain or leather cord.

  These are in my Etsy shop! 

And to add to the fun last month (June 2013)   I had a tutorial published in Soda Lime Times, which is a beadmakers' magazine. I love the magazine and was thrilled to write up the tutorial for Healing Hearts.

Between Art shows, some wonderful guests at our home, my fun job at the magazine, (it really is!!), going to Myrtle Beach for a few days,  and I don't remember what else,  it was a busy month!  
 ** Happy July 4th to you all!  (or should I say y'all) !!      

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