Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What I enjoy to make the very most when working at the torch. These pretty Tree of Life Beads. They have quite a few steps, but the one that is the most important, in my opinion, is the application of fine silver to the surface of the glass. It creates and incredible sparkle.
and..............drawing the tree. When I was a kid, I won tree drawing contests. It was drawing each branch that made it fun. It's like I could 'feel' the tree, it's quiet beauty, the silence of the day, sitting outdoors with a drawing board, and drawing.
As an art teacher, it was one of my favorite units, teaching how to draw and then going outside with sharpened pencils and drawing boards. The students loved to sit outdoors, and here in North Carolina, they have a big testing week, and they needed a break. So when testing was over, we'd head out to draw. The kids had to stay quiet as other students were retesting, so we went to the park and quietly drew the trees. I hope the kids remember how good it was.

Maybe trees fascinated me because I am one of those people who was very near sighted and didn't have glasses until I was in fifth grade. You know the story.  I put the glasses on and SAW!  It seems most people mention they were on their way home with their new glasses on, and they realized the trees had tiny branches and tiny leaves. Oh what a joy, to have my eyes opened!  The world crisp and clear, and the chalkboard at school visible.

Trees. Tiny Branches. Love and Peace.

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